Featured in Yankee Magazine and voted Best in NH

Hard Ice Cream Cones or dishes
Add jimmies or nuts for $.50
Kiddie Cone or Dish$2.95
Small Cone or Dish$3.95
Regular Cone or Dish $4.95
Large Cone or Dish$5.95
Colossal Cone $6.95
Frappes, Freezes and Floats
Have your dessert and drink it too!
Frappea blend of ice cream, milk and syrup $5.95
Freezea blend of ice cream sherbet and soda$5.95
Floata generous scoop of favorite flavor floating in the soda of your choice$5.95
Soft Serve
Infant Twist$1.95
Small Soft Serve$2.95
Regular Soft Serve$3.95
Sumptuous Sundaes
Kiddie Sundae $3.95
Regular Sundae$6.95
Brownie SundaeGhirradelli Double Fudge Brownie$7.95
Titanic Sundae3 scoops of ice cream each topped individually with topping, whip cream, jimmies or nuts and a cherry.$8.95

Hot fudge, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, hot caramel, or peanut butter topped w/ whipped cream or marshmallow, jimmies or nuts and a cherry on top!

Pints and Quarts
Hand packed “A pint to the pound the world around”

“You Deserve a Good Lickin”